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Age of Volunteer: 13-16 16-18 18-55 55+

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NOTE: A Parent or Guardian Consent Form may be required if applicant is under 16 years of age.

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Please choose which volunteer activities interest you:

Volunteer Support Security First Aid Organizing sub-committees Marketing
Entertainment Site set-up/wrap-up Fundraising Special Events Event Supervisor

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Please indicate the skills and experience you have to offer:

Organizational skills Musical/Dance ability Computer skills Event planning Fundraising experience
Food service Clerical Experience with Children Security/First Aid

Any other skills or experience:

Please select from the following dates to volunteer at the Children’s Festival:

Thursday, June 2nd – 6pm-10pm

Friday, June 3rd- 6:30am-10am
Friday June 3rd – 7pm-9pm

Saturday June 4th – 8am-10am
Saturday June 4th – 4pm-6:30pm

Please select from the following areas to volunteer at the Children’s Festival:

Gate/Ticket Sales (requires a security check)

  • take money and provide change
  • provide directions to participants/volunteers
  • attach security bracelet to participants wrists
  • request donations
Security (requires a security check)

  • be the eyes and ears for the festival site
  • position requires mature volunteers
  • monitor gates and assist throughout grounds
  • position required to manage garbage
Face Painting (a face painting course may be offered. Requires a security check)

  • paint childrens faces
  • entertain children in long line
  • use your creative skills
  • keep area clean
Snack Booths (longer shifts)

  • hand out snacks to participants
  • request and replenish snacks
  • provide directions to participants
Entertainment Support

  • assist stage managers and entertainers
  • ensure the schedule is followed
  • stages are clean and safe

  • needed to fill mascot costumes and wander throughout the grounds
  • walkers – needed to lead mascots throughout the grounds
  • walkers – provide some security for mascots
Activity areas

  • Box City/Bouncer/Bubble Jump/Chalk
  • Hoop/Imagination Station/Kiddie striker/Maze
  • Science World
Floaters (requires a security check)

  • to provide support where needed throughout the grounds
Festival Planning and Administration

  • work with the planning committee to help with all aspects of the organization of the festival
  • administrative duties, marketing and event planning
  • attend monthly committee meetings
Volunteer Party

  • arrive early to help with set-up, welcome volunteers
  • hand-out T-shirts and name tags
  • help with food, give tours and clean up
First-Aid (requires a security check)

  • attend to any participants or volunteers
  • administer First-Aid at the festival


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Name: Name:
Address: Address:
Phone Number: Phone Number:
Relationship: Relationship:

Please check off how you found out about our volunteer program

Friend/Relative Volunteer Visit to Agency TV Recruitment/Information Booth
Past or current program participant School Volunteer Center Poster/Brochure/Flyer Internet/Website
Newspaper Radio Referral Organization

I hereby declare that the above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a false statement may disqualify me from further consideration as a volunteer or result in dismissal.

Authorization for collection of personal information:
I authorized Family Services of Central Alberta to collect personal information appropriate to the opportunities applied for concerning my academic background and employment history, and to verify the character references I have supplied. Family Services of Central Alberta adheres to the Protection of Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

I understand that:
A Police Record Search is required for potential volunteers who are applying for positions that are considered to have, or potentially have, interaction or contact with children, youth and other vulnerable groups. Volunteer placement is made on the basis of the program requirements, the skills, and experience of the applicant and, when appropriate, successful reference checks and a police record search.

You will receive an invitation to attend a volunteer orientation meeting. Please check our website at www.fsca.ca for updates.


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